4 Platforms Selling Clothes Online That You Can Take Advantage

There’s no need for you to stay broke when you have so many clothes choking the life out of your closet. You can quickly get rid of them in no time in the following 4 platforms:

Online clothing business opportunities #1: Poshmark

Why not trade in those fashionable outfits for some cash? Poshmark presents a valuable chance for you to sell your clothes, as well as shop for new stuff. They even throw in an extra treat for you to enjoy a shopping party with your close friends. You simply need to upload the clothes you want to sell through their app or website. The minute your clothes start selling, they will send a shipping label for you to print out and package your stuff for shipping. They only deduct 20% as a commission fee, and the rest of the money is yours for the taking.

Online clothing business opportunities #2: ReFashioner

At ReFashioner, swapping is their primary model. You can sell your clothes, shop for new ones and even make swaps. You can customize your closet with your outfits by simply taking clear pics for uploads, and they will be ready to sell. ReFashioner has the power to accept or decline your outfits. Given they accept them, they will email their suggested price and when they sell, leave the proceeds in your ReFashioner account. This is where the swapping model comes into full play; the amount from the sale is used to purchase anything within site.

Online clothing business opportunies #3: threadUtiP

Another easy platform you can use to sell your old clothes is threadUP where you only need to make an order of their ‘Clean Out’ bag for filling with your old clothes. The clothes will need to still be of good quality. threadUp also accepts plus size and maternity clothes. Their ‘Clean Out’ calculator will help you estimate how much your clothes will go for. They will send you a bag with a pre-addressed, pre-paid label for shipping your stuff. Take note that their shipping is free of charge. Your clothes will be reviewed by threadUP fashion professionals and pay you 40%, of the payout. You can cash the amount via PayPal or choose to donate it to charities or textile recycling organizations.

Online clothing business opportunities #4: The Real Real

This luxury resale online store only accepts designer outfits originally purchased from top labels like Chanel. You can sign up within 60 seconds and tell them the number of items you will be sending and ship them out. Once the clothes are received, their fashion professionals will authenticate, photograph and price them. You will receive 70% of the payout once the outfits sell. If you sell more than 10 outfits, you will be eligible for the White Gold Service. They will send their head of merchandise to pick your clothes.


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