Tired Of Those Old Clothes? Here Are Some Business Ideas Selling Clothes Online That Will Make You a Good Income

If you are anything like me, you probably have an array of clothes at your disposal, yet some have not seen the light of day all year. Honestly, I need to make more room for fresh stuff. Someone presented the idea of selling my old clothes, but I didn’t know where to start. The only idea I had at the time was selling to neighbors, close friends, and relatives at a yard sale. But you know that is a small reach if I wanted to sell all those clothes and make a good income.

Google became my best friend, and I learned how fast selling online was. It showed me different online clothing business opportunities I had earlier taken for granted.

Facebook and Instagram online clothing business opportunities

Not a day goes by, without logging into social media accounts to chat, make updates, upload pictures, or check out friends’ updates. I must say that I had seen many people who had gone into business using these platforms as a marketing tool. However, the idea of opening business pages sounded like a lot of pain.

I did sell my old clothes to my friends on Facebook and Instagram. But I fell in love with this accidental venture that I turned it into a form of an income generator. I went on ahead and opened those pages I thought were a pain and found that they did not require too much of my time to set up.

I found these tips helped get my clothes selling at a faster pace:

  • Making regular uploads of the pieces, I put together. I recommend at least 2 times a week.
  • Creating an organized portfolio that showcases all the put together outfits. It is just one way to land a major client who wants to make a large purchase.
  • Providing fashion tips for my clients.
  • Writing content on the latest trends at least once a week.

Platforms selling clothes online

I have found these kinds of platforms very convenient in that I simply upload my fashion pieces and let everything else fall into place. Of course, for better success, you will need to engage with popular platforms that have a large traffic. As opposed to managing your own social media account where you have to apply techniques to pull in visitors, these platforms do that bit for you.


I merely needed to have the start-up money for my pieces to get featured on their platform. Examples of such kinds of platforms include Grailed, ASOS, and Crossroads.

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